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I’m going to have a lot of unplugged nights to make up this summer. But, it will be summer so it will be easier. Tuesday seems to be my night which appears to be working out okay. This week I folded some laundry and went to bed by 9:30. I have this notion that I will do actual stuff while I’m unplugged, but so far what I’m doing is sleeping. Huh, I guess that’s good though, sleep is good.

In unplugged news, this coming week presents a special challenge for Bub – TV-free week. His teacher might has well have just told him he has to take the training wheels off his bike – it’s causing about as much anxiety for him. In order to get the certificate, he has to be TV-free 4 out of 7 days. When I was reading the letter from school, he was trying really hard not to cry. Sigh. A monster has been created. Trouble is, I seem to be the only one who wants to ‘un’create it.


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Boxes were exhumed from the basement, forgotten fabrics were uncovered and rolled around in (not really, well maybe just a little), there was some organizing, folding, ripping (on purpose) and pulling together UFO’s for finishing.  Good times, seriously.

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I did nothing noteworthy or exciting, unless you consider going to bed at 9 and getting a good 10 hours of sleep exciting.  I wanted to sew or something, but decided I was too tired and went to bed the same time Bub did.  Then I turned around and worked until 9 tonight.  Stupid.

I have sewn two items of clothing for Ms. Baby that she has promptly and definitively reject.  I can’t even bear to post pictures my feelings are so hurt (not really, but kind of a little).  It’s best I go to bed now before drowning in self pity.

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Friday night was full of folding and organizing fabric and finally going through boxes from when we initially moved to this building 18 months ago.  I am such a party animal.

(This did, however, result in a missed e-mail that would have likely led to hanging with a wonderful fellow blogger and experiencing some lovely adult conversation tonight.  Sigh.)

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A very interesting lesson in self control. I broke a few of my own rules by calling my cousing Katie back, but since she just moved to California and I know is having a hard time, it’s justified.  Otherwise, I resisted the urge to flip the TV on or snuggle up with my laptop.  One of my goals for 52NU is to get my studio area organized.  I did not work on this last night, but did work on organizing some stuff in the kids’ room and cleared bits of clutter from here and there. 

I took some pictures of Bub working on his homework and took some pictures of myself.  I don’t usually allow other folks to take pictures of me and am generally surprised by the way I look when I see myself since I don’t navelgaze in that way all that often and am prone to bouts of extreme insecurity.  A work in progress for sure (and control over the ‘trash’ button on the camera helps that along nicely). 

I pulled the covers over my head at about 10, which is far earlier than usual, but still woke up groggy.  Hmph.

Aside from the bits of fiddling with the ISO on my camera and the one phone call I made, I think it went pretty well.  I may even shoot for night #2 tonight!

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That’s the night that we’ll unplug, for now.  I told Bub about it and he got all panicky, so I guess we’ll start small. I told Tig about it and that I thought I’d do it on Sunday and she laughed at me and asked what I was going to do with two kids and no tv – la la la la… I will not ruminate on the hours of tv that they watch in her care… la la la la.

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This one’s a toughy. Wednesday or Friday night would be good because those are the nights that Tig has the kids. This Friday, tomorrow, is out because my new cell phone is coming in the mail and I’m a whore for new gadgets (clearly). But then I kind of want the kids to be a part of it, especially Bub (who may be proof that screen-addiction is genetic), so then Sunday would be good since it’s my day with the kids. But that’s all day. I must ponder. I’m desperate to start this, but want to do it right so I don’t fail – not that I have some inordinate fear of failure or something that would prevent me from starting something relatively innocuous for fear of said failure, no no, not me.

Whatever night I decide, I have some rules for myself:

NO – tv, laptop/computer, texting, outgoing phone calls (unless someone is bleeding, not breathing, or something is on fire)

YES – iron, sewing machine and incoming calls (lights, heat, stove, etc of course)

I’m thinking as summer equinox approaches, I might want to go renegade and do a couple totally unplugged days… but I think I’ll have to build up for that.

Are you getting unplugged, too?

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