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Anyone living in New England has pretty much had enough of the rain.  That would include me.  I’m not officially complaining, because I understand how important all this water is to our ecosystem, but I do miss making my own Vitamin D.  The month of rain has, however, made me much more deeply appreciative of the sun we’ve had the last two weekends.  I was particularly appreciative while sitting out on a jetty yesterday, a lighthouse at my back, listening to the waves lapping the bulky rocks, the ocean air cooling my skin, leaning my head on the warm cotton covered shoulder of my companion.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

My radio silence has little to do with the weather.  I’ve been busy doing other stuff, though not crafting much so I have little to show for it.

I started a project for this baby…

The kids tested out the ocean…

We breathed in the purifying salty air…

She chilled on the rocks in momma-made pants and hand me down Docs from the niece…

And spent a lot of time just enjoying the view and the company…


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out on the deck at Yosaku

enjoying our favorites

and ending the afternoon with a walk

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Mackworth Island

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About a foot of new, fresh, fluffy snow has gingerly fallen all around us. It was the kind of snow that when you toss handfuls into the air, the wind catches it and it mixes in with the snow already falling until you can’t tell which snowflakes are in flight for the second time and which are on their maiden voyage.

We cooped ourselves up in the house for most of the day which turned out to not be quite the right choice. After dinner (a nice roast slowly cooking in the crock all day long) I informed Bub that I needed his help out in the wilderness to uncover what I was pretty sure was my car (coercion is a delicate sport). He obliged and while I was shoveling and sweeping, he was helping me by frolicking and rolling around in the snow. Perhaps had I not been so tired after shoveling all of those feet of snow (note to self, sweep off car, THEN shovel around car) I would have tossed on my ski pants and rolled around with him.

He had a ball and when his entire face was bright red and every inch of him was covered in a dusting of snow, we retreated inside for some hot chocolate* and bedtime. What a lovely ending to the day.

Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free version)

1/3 cup coconut milk (the full fat kind thankyouverymuch) or a couple big spoonfuls if it’s solid

2 cups rice milk (or other milk alternative)

2 Tbsp sugar

1 heaping tsp of cocoa

Mix together and make warm. Tweak to your tastes (more/less sugar/cocoa). Drink. Enjoy.

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first snow

heavy and wet


still running

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