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After trying the Sticks and Twigs, I decided they would definitely be even better with hummus.  I’ve been wanting to make hummus for about a month (procrastinate? who, me?).  These were just the motivation I needed.


You know you want some.  This is roasted red pepper, which has been my favorite kind of hummus lately (smeared on a rice cake, topped with sliced deli turkey, yum).  Bean ate a small bowl of the plain, with a spoon, the Sticks and Twigs were just speed bumps apparently.  Would you like the recipe?


1 – 15 oz can garbanzo beans (drain and reserve liquid)

1/4 sesame tahini (this kind is peanut safe)

3 Tbsp of lemon juice (about the juice of one small lemon)

1 lg clove garlic, quartered

Salt and/or pepper to taste

Put all of this in your blender or food processor (I used a blender).  Add 1/4 cup of reserved liquid from the beans.  Blend.  I needed to scrape the sides down and pulse and mush it around with the spatula a lot.  Add more liquid 1 Tbsp at a time as needed.  I like mine a bit runny.

Roasted Red Pepper version: omit 1 Tbsp of lemon juice and add 2 chopped RRP (about 1/2 cup) and whatever liquid emits from them on the cutting board.

Eat, drink and be merry!

ps. Those wee saucer type bowls there are thrifted a little while back from GW.  I had to have them… had to.  I heart them.  Perfect for a wee snack or a wee bit of coconut milk ice cream.  Mmmm.


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Apron Love

For the past few years, I’ve been in love love love with aprons. I had this odd longing for one and even the urge to make myself one (or eight) but never got around to it. Or at least I thought my attraction to them was odd because, well, aprons are OLD and they’re un-feminist and certainly notverybutch of me (not that I’m very butch at all, but you know, when one is an open fence-sitter whose wife is a woman, there are certain criteria one might feel one might have to live up to).

Okay, enough of my insecurities. A few months ago, Tig and I hit this church clothing sale on the ‘$1 a bag’ day and I scored a darling apron. I was smitten, it had begun. Recently there have been a smattering of rummage sales and church bazaars and things which I’ve been attending with increased obsession. I happened upon one with K (the official Rummage Sale Queen of the Northeast) and as I was hovering over this woman who was scouring through a box on the floor under a table, I spotted this zippy teal fabric peeking out from under some old pleather purses. I did a quick crouch and dive and slipped this out of the box:

The corners I’m holding have a sweet ruffle (which you can’t see because I’m trying to be all girly and swirly and holding them taught) and the front is flat. The little pockets are curved and the rick-rack around the hem is hand-sewn. If you need more apron eye candy you can go here and here, and if you want some inspiration to sew your own, this is the place to go (with vintage patterns for more fodder here).

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After a little research, I discovered the sheep print was created by artist Carol Travers Lummus. The title of this print is “Woolgathering”, created in 1977, print 244/350. She uses a technique called Intaglio. Really nifty. Her other work is fabulous, go check out her site. I’m thinking I may have decreased any possible value by extracting it from its mangled mat, but it looks much prettier free. I’ll have to frame this with a great deal of respect so I can keep it around for a while.

I’m so proud of myself, I’m not the only one in my family with ‘the eye’.

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Good haul

There is nothing quite like a little thrift shopping to make a girl’s day a wee bit brighter. I’m clearly not very good at maintaining some of my convictions and we returned to the TSWSNBN as it was 50% off clothing day and I’m seeing these stencils everywhere and needed to get just a few blanks to try it out on. Bub was not with us today so we were not limited by poop issues and it showed when we left with a giant bag of goodies (actually, one giant bag and two smaller bags).

I love these two sheets, especially the strawberries on the brown one.

Vintage hankies and fabrics. All of them are around 1/2 yard or less and the solids on the right are canvasy/duck cloth – perfect for sturdy little bags.

This pitcher is one of my favorite finds of the day, a complete throwback to my child hood and mixing up gallons of Kool-Aid (gross in hindsight of course). It was .49 cents. The wee mugs were .10 each and are so sunny! The glaze is starting to crackle in some fantastic patterns. The orange fabric with the cream flowers in the front is actually a set of curtains. They are vibrant even though they are well worn and the fabric is so drapey and soft. I reserve the right to hack them into little pieces! And in the cups: 4 pearly vintage buttons, red bias tape and orange seam binding.

One of the other prize finds of the day, for .50 cents, an older pair of Hanna jammies for Ms. Baby who is in desperate need of the next size up.

And this past weekend, we did a bit of yardsale scouring. There weren’t an abundance of good finds, but I’m happy with what I trotted home with.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but in the print the sheep is actually recessed. It’s fantastic and intriguing. The mat was terribly beat up and worn, but the print is largely unscathed. There is some color damage on top and the tape residue on the right. Clearly archival measures were not taken.

These Holly Hobbie plates are so darling. Another throwback to my childhood; I had a Holly Hobbie bed set that I got for my 6th birthday (I think). I remember the sunny happiness of it spread out over my top bunk.

This one says “Count your blessings… not your troubles.”

And this one says “Happiness is having… someone to care for.” The picture reminds me of my niece and her cat Java, who spent his first few years with her in that exact same position.

Lastly, thank you to those of you who commented on my previous post. I was having a really down, disheartened day and it helped immensely to write about it, and even more so to know that someone was listening. Thank you Karine for your phone call, we should talk more, soon.

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Tig and I are serious, hard core thrifters. It is one of the main things we have in common (we are generally opposites on most everything). We were both raised in poor families so thrifting comes natural. Though it has become a standard part of our relationship, I have to say she got me really hooked, I didn’t thrift nearly as much before we got together. We are so serious about it that we thrift on vacation. And not in passing, we make it a point, we have a plan. We bring extra suitcases dedicated to thrifting (or if we find ourselves needing one, we buy one at a thrift store). When we went to Seattle, we hit every Value Village we could find, several times. In San Francisco – oh-ho, the mother load! – there is a wide array of choices throughout the city and beyond. The Community Thrift Store in the Mission is a personal favorite of mine. When we drive up the coast here, we stop at any Goodwill that crosses our path. I haven’t been to the Garment District in Boston a while, but dollar a pound was great fun pre-offspring.

Now Tig is generally one of the most unlucky people you could ever meet. I’m not kidding, the chic fell off a freaking building and has dodged death by the skin of her nose too many times to count. But she is the Queen of Good Finds while we’re thrifting and she has a special touch with shoes. She’s found inumerable pair of Doc Martens, most under $5. She scored a brand new pair of Merrills and a pair of El Natura Lista’s (“the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn” – Tig) at the Goodwill, both under $5. Lately we’ve had a dry spell, so I’m going to have her send out some juju for a pair of dansko’s in decent shape, 41 please 😉

This week we hit the Thrift Store Who Shall Not Be Named on 50% off clothing day. After snagging a few vintage buttons and parusing the sweaters for unravelable or feltable ones, I hit the linens corner. On my way I snagged a cute tote and proceeded to stuff my finds in it. I found this great sheet (or what I thought was a sheet). I started brainstorming while slowly padding accross the cement floor and scanning the other linens. What could I make with it, what about a contrasting fabric? As I looked for a content tag, I discovered it was not a sheet, but a duvet, backed with contrasting fabric. Whoot!

I also found this sheet which is a little jazzy, would make some nice totes or something.

This is the whole haul (sans clothing finds):

I completely heart the tote, but I killed it. Apparently thou shalt not wash the tote. Any tips for getting out the green that bled onto the straps and lovely picture without bleaching the whole thing? Please share. The yellow sheet up in the corner is just plain, but that yummy crisp cotton that I just want to cut up and make into frilly dresses for Ms. Baby. What has gotten into me???

And then, just as we were tying up our time at the TSWSNBN, a very unfortunate incendent happened that will probably lead to me not shopping there for some time (if I can stay away from 50% off clothing day). Read my vent at your own risk. (more…)

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Went thrifty shopping yesterday – yippee! I really don’t like shopping at a specific thrift chain whose initials are SA because of their anti-glbt stance. However, Wednesdays are 50% off clothing and I’m between pant sizes so I succumbed. I didn’t end up finding any pants, but I found a great hoodie and some linens that will be reincarnated into clothes and other fun stuff. I surely lost a few Karma points when I pulled into the parking lot, but it was worth it for these:


Oh yes (Shannon will love these!) – real live vintage Strawberry Shortcake roller skates for $1.99. Whoot! I can’t take credit for finding them though. I was actually shaking my head at Tig as she dug through the rollerskates, thinking she was surely crazy to buy Bub a pair. These changed my tune.

The only difference between these skates and my personal first pair of roller skates is that mine were laced (iirc – memory’s a little sketchy these days). My grandparents got me my first pair when I was in the second grade. I spent what seemed like forever in their basement that day going round and round and round the pool table, becoming more adept with my new apendages at every turn. Oh yeah, and Bub loves them too.

For further giddy happiness, the other night Tig was going out to get herself a snack after the kiddos were in bed and I hinted I would like some ice cream (which they only sell at Wild Oats, about 10 minutes away, as opposed to the store she was intending on going to right down the street). She came back an hour later with this, three of my favorite things…


Isn’t she super! Maybe I’ll keep her. (I have no idea why it’s fuzzy other than the fact that I hate our ‘new’ camera.)

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