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Last week I got on the train, late of course, and read this book.  I don’t know why it took my so long to get to it, but I suppose I’ve always been one of those folks to either be at the very beginning of a trend (like, before it’s a trend) or find myself at the tail end of things.  I sometimes find myself following along with the pack, but not so often.

The good thing about getting into Twilight now is that my 12 year old niece, Banana, has all 4 books so there is no waiting.  Instant gratification.  Though, after sinking my teeth in and devouring Twilight, I have put New Moon on the back burner just for a bit while I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, again.  I’d like to see the movie, but really want to read the book again before I do.  Having read through all the books in succession each time a new one comes out, I’ve only read this one 2 other times thus far so I’m having a lot of “oh yeah” and “I’d forgotten about that” moments.  When I’m done, I’m not sure which draw will be stronger… that to read New Moon, or that to read The Deathly Hallows again.  I have a prediction.

My impressions of Twilight… great story line, really.  I read on her website how she came up with the idea for the first book and I think it’s brilliant that she not only wrote down her dream, but listened to the pull to write about it, to expand on it.  As a writer, it’s sometimes hard to listen to that voice that’s often screaming ideas, lines, poems into your head.  Kuddos to Stephenie Meyer.   I felt her writing was stronger in the second half of the book and I look forward to seeing her develop as a writer through the series.  I felt that J. K. Rowling evolved through the Harry Potter series and the difference between books 1 and 7 is significant.  I’m not being critical, more like a spectator watching with great interest and revery at how someone plays a sport that I love to play myself.

The best thing about reading Twilight and again, The Half-Blood Prince, is it has given me a little boost in my writing energy and a reminder to listen to the ideas that dance in, and out, of my head.


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A poem



rising cream filled moon

pouring out her desires

a milky trickle

splitting the ocean

into all the things she has

and those she does not


. dln 4.20.08 .

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I’m a girl that recognizes a good idea when it comes along and hits me upside the head.  So when I stumbled upon this wonderful idea, I had to get on the train.  I am completely smitten with this idea and am hoping it’s just the little kick in the pants I need to securely weave creativity back in to my life – I mean, if the 4o yards of fabric I’ve bought in the last month don’t do it of course.  Wanna get unplugged too?

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First Snow – Haiku

snow sleeps on branches

a thin quilt of fall turning

itself to winter

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See the topic here, feeback and constructive criticism welcome.


leaves fall

landing in telling patterns around her

her hand grazes the small bump below her navel

a tiny torch flickers inside her

a seed planted in the center of summer

not quite ready for the picking

six more months until the harvest

crunching through dead leaves

she makes a path

carving her wishes in stones

placing each one in a basket by her bed

until the coming snow begins to recede again

revealing the decayed leaves

soft and wet

they compost themselves into the earth

feeding the soil

readying it for new life

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