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I bought this (the ‘pink’ set) and then this yarn in one of each of these colors to make this groovy blanket.


Commence stalking of mail carrier.


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Bub’s socks are set to go, pattern, yarn, needles ready. Just a little swatching to do and I’m off and running.

Tig got me these little gems. Aren’t they perty? They go with the nickle plated set I have… but seriously… can one have too many knitting needles? I think not.

I’m also in the midst of deciding whether or not to put pockets on Ms. Baby’s Solstice sweater because, um, she won’t wear it (insert picture of me ripping my hair out) and she totally digs pockets. It’s really quite cute… if she puts a jacket or pants on with pockets, her hands are immediately digging around and wriggling themselves into them. It’s darling to watch this petite little toddler strutting along with her hands shoved as deeply as she can get them in her pockets. So, my evil plot is to put pockets on the sweater in order to bribe her to love it as much as I do. Ah, the twisted games we play. Unfortunately, I used this pattern which I adore, yet has an asymmetrical front and makes pocket positioning a peculiar project to partake. I guess I could just knit her another sweater that is meant to have pockets. Or get a lobotomy… oh what’s a girl to do?

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This is my first holiday season as a single person in quite a while. This brings up a whole slew of logistical issues, most having to do with the children and the compilation and division of space and time. I waffled every so briefly on whether or not to get a tree and finally this weekend I made a trip out to get a tree. Normally, I would have preferred this activity include the kids, and next year it will. However, on the eve a a narly storm, I decided I didn’t want a tree coated in ice and made a quick trip to get one of the scraggling, remaining trees around.

When Tig trimmed her tree a few weeks ago, I pulled a few ornaments out that I truly wanted, but left the rest to her. This left me with a fresh start, which is kind of what I was shooting for (and a general theme around here these days).

Between the ornaments I have and ones we will make this week, I’m set there. Lights, a quick trip to the big bullseye, check. The garland however was a bit more tricky. I still carry fond and vivid memories of stringing popcorn and bells and while I appreciate the greener nature of that, popcorn is contraband around here. Then I stumbled over to soulemama one weary evening and garnered a bit of unexpected inspiration from this. Having little time and visions of that much i-cord making my fingers cramp up, I decided on a zippy crochet garland embellished with wooden beads. A skein of Paton’s Merino, a giant crochet hook and a big bag of beads lend themselves to this…

The lighter wood beads bring a nice cranberries and popcorn effect to it.  We’re still in the midst of trimming, making new ornaments and deciding where exactly the tree should go. Once the package is all wrapped up, I’ll share a picture because the effect over the whole tree is rather nice.

Here’s a stab at the pattern…

Crochet Beaded Garland

1 skein Paton’s Merino (whatever color you choose, this is the darker red)

150 or so wooden beads (or bells or other dangly goodness of your choice)

Size M crochet hook

Ball the yarn into two equalish balls of yarn. On one, string all the beads. Yes, seriously, all of them. Now take both strands of yarn and crochet 7 chain stitches (don’t work too tightly, nice and loose is good). In the next stitch, bring up a bead and chain it in. Chain 15, chain in a bead. Continue from here, every 15 stitches you will bring up a bead and chain it in. Continue pattern until you’ve used up 1/2 of the beads. Crochet 7 stitches and turn the work.

As you work your way back to the beginning, you are going to slip stitch in the back loop of all the stitches on your chain. (Slip stitch: put hook through loop, wrap yarn and pull through that loop and the loop on your hook).  Slip stitch to half-way between two beads and bring up a bead and stitch it in (you can count if you want, or eyeball it, asymmetry makes it more interesting I think). When you get to the beads you’ve stitched in the initial chain, they will be in the back loop. Be sure to put your hook through both the loop of yarn holding the bead and the one beneath it that is the other part of this back loop. SKIP the back loop following these beads (but not on the ones that you are adding on this row). Make sense? If not, feel free to holler down in the comments and I’ll try to come to the rescue. When you get to the end, you’re done. I tied the two ends together and snipped the strings. Done.

This made enough to generously trim my 6 foot tall, somewhat narrow, tree.

(As with any pattern that I create and share, I encourage you to make them for yourself and your friends, for gifts, etc, just please don’t sell them as your own creation because that would be a little karmic slippery slope that I don’t think you want to find yourself on).

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Brunch with Memere this morning was busy and yummy and nice. I miss her… I wish she didn’t live so far away, but I’m glad she was home (though not because it was for a funeral, though her sister-in-law who died was really old and in pain and well, everything happens for a reason I suppose). I got some lovely shots of my two with their grand-memere. The mittens with money in them are always a big hit (Memere is a prolific mitten and hat knitter and she laces them with dollar bills).

When we were all full on omelets, my mom’s big yummy cinnamon buns, homefries, fruit salad, and homemade macaroni and cheese, we sat digesting around my mom’s big kitchen table. I pulled out my knitting and my cousin KT mentioned she wanted to make a scarf. I dove into my knitting bag and pulled out some needles and little nubby ball of yarn I had stowed away and offered to teach her the basics. She took to it like a fish to water…

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Ms. Baby is notorious for musical chairs during meal times, so I decided we needed some name tags. Part one was the painting we did the other night. Part deux involved, cutting, scoring, writing and gluing. And now we have two sets of these… one for Tig’s house, one for mine.

And last night while Tig was out, Ms. Baby discovered she was gone about 10 minutes into it and was none too pleased. She agreed a drive would make her happy, so off we were. I made my way towards the yarn store in the next town over on a whim, perhaps they would be open until 7. Lo and behold, on Thursday’s only, they are open until 8:30 pm. Squeee. The two ladies sitting there knitting (what a job!) were very helpful as I toted Ms. Baby on one hip and steered Bub in the direction of sock yarn (he’s been asking for over a year for a pair, bad momma). One of those lovely ladies got me my needles and pointed us in the direction of the sock yarn (drool). Bub had his skein and on the way out I spotted these two.

I think someone I know needs a nice toasty scarf for their winter holiday gift. I need to write all my ideas down for gift-crafting or I’m bound to get to Solstice only to realize that I am giftless. Panicked crafting is not a good time.

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I can’t find size 10 dpns at any of the stores I’ve been to so far! Unfortunately, due to my living hell job, I can’t peruse the local yarn stores to get a pair before they close up shop for the day. I could technically sneak out during the day, on a normal week, but this isn’t a normal week… oh ho, not normal indeed. There has been one crisis after another, after another, after another, and yet another from the moment I listened to my voicemail Monday morning. It just keeps coming. Oh, and I got to testify again in there somewhere (a whole day in a court room, with NO knitting, now that is a good time). I am so ready for this week to be over. So ready. And I need to find some size 10 dpns dammit so I can get that sweater done!

ps. Darkish pics in previous post are due to my lack of time to figure out the flash options on my camera – those were in natural (overhead kitchen nighttime) light. The ones with the flash were too washed out. Quite the learning curve this is.

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In the making

these (and many more tiny parts) will soon be…

one of these. Can you stand the cuteness? Doll’s eyes… where can I get these locally I wonder?

And Ms. Baby’s sweater, ready for sleeves and seed stitch trim. I love love (LOVE!) this pattern and it knit up nice and quick, no seams (LOVE!). Ms. Baby loves it too, I put the stoppers on the ends of the needles and let her try it again so I could check length. She strutted around a bit and was surprisingly agreeable when I asked her to take it off. I don’t think I’ll have her try it on again, I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise.

Small glitch though… I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair of size 10 dpns for the sleeves. I have 9’s and 10.5’s (as do many of the stores I went to), but no 10’s. How strange. I’ll have to hit a couple more of the LYSs and see if I can finagle some. Sleeveless sweaters just don’t work in Maine winters (and falls and springs).

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