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I’ve been on a wee trip to see one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.  We’re so smitten with each other it’s almost unreal.  We do the long distance thing with great flair and this time I got the opportunity to go see him.  The weather leading up to my 5 days there wasn’t looking good, but the clouds parted and we were graced with nice sunny weather.  We had an altogether fantastic time and only hit a few pot holes along the way.  We brushed ourselves off and kept on chugging and taking really nice care of each other.

We don’t have to be on the go and doing anything flashy in order to have a fabulous time together.  We enjoy simple things like… talking to each other… reading… walks… cooking yummy food at home… and just looking at each other and being all love sick.  Yeah, smitten.  We also like experiencing new things together and pushing the boundaries of our respective comfort zones.

We did do a few things… went to see a comedian (and almost peed ourselves laughing)… shot off a rocket with his kids (see below)… went on the paddle boats at a local park (and wanted to jump in the water it was SO hot)… went to a shooting range and shot a 9mm.  Yeah.  Haven’t done that… ever… and haven’t shot any gun in over 20 years.  I did pretty well too.  I put my target up at my desk at work when I got back on Monday and, if you know what I do for work, you’d know how amusing that is.  Great way to blow off some steam if you’re ever interested.

One of the best shots of this weekend…


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When the leaves here are turning their sassy shades of orange, yellow and red, a baby of the girl variety will be making her entrance into the world waaaay on the other side of the country where the seasons are more resistant to change.  And then she and her mother will make their way to this side of the country to wait out the winter while her father does what he signed up to do on the other side of the world.

I know my role here and my fingers are already twitching at the thoughts of what to knit her first.  This will likely result in an approximately half hour (at least!) delay in departure for our trip to my mom’s this afternoon while I paw through a few patterns and squishy baby yarn to pick the perfect thing to start with.  Oh, Ravelry.  Gulp.  I must go.

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Moon chasing

We caught a glimpse of the moonrise through the trees on our little evening drive.  A left here, a right there and we stumbled upon a crack between some houses that offered the most beautiful view of the cream colored moon over the lavender ocean.

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a flamenco skirt brought back from Europe by my cousin who was stationed in Turkey

sweet angel

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So I can sew. Apparently this is of great use to some people, especially my niece (Banana). She takes great pleasure in reminding her mother that I apparently absorbed 95% of the creative genes there were to go around and my sister got about 5%. I not only know everything, but apparently I can do anything, esp when it comes to sewing.

Saturday, upon arrival to my mom’s where Banana was set to stay for the night, she said to my mom, “Memere, do you have a needle?” to which my mother replied yes, but asked what she needed it for. She informed my mother and sister she needed to have a costume for school on Tuesday. A bit befuddled, they asked for what (her Halloween costume was already purchased and ready to go) and she replied “Duh, for Immigrant Day, can’t you just take a needle and sew me something”. My sister tried to bribe her, offering her $50 to go buy her a costume. No indeed. She needed a costume made.

Insert Auntie. She calls me on the phone Sunday, “Can you make me a costume?” (I was equally confused because I knew she had a costume already). Sure sure, no problem, when is it due? Tuesday. This Tuesday. Yes this Tuesday. Tuesday in two days? Yes, Tuesday in two days.

So Monday night, while Tig, my mom and aunt were out Trick or Treating with the kids, I was hunched over the sewing machine whipping this out, no pattern, just winging it. My sister was busy baking Irish soda bread. Oh, did you know we were Irish? No, me neither, last time I checked we were Super Duper Canadian French. My niece, however, decided we were Irish when the teacher announced the project, so we got to be Irish for a day. Rather coincidental since Halloween, or Samhein, is said to have originated with the Irish Celts and still happens to be largely celebrated there.


This is her waiting for the bus Tuesday morning. Okay, so I didn’t make the basket. She is grinning from ear to ear in this picture. I wish I felt so useful all the time.

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Can you stand the cuteness? My sister got him today. He’s about 3mos old and is a transfer from a Tennessee shelter. Apparently the south is just riddled with cute puppies no one wants so they send them up here. His name is Yogi – I think. It was his shelter name, but they will likely keep it because her hubby’s nickname is Yogi and she says this is her way of giving him a son (since her uterus is voluntarily closed to further gestation). She’s such a wacko.

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